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Crazy Elk Production Studios is a an independent film group and grass roots production studio based in New Jersey with associates, actors and production crew from over eight different states and from Europe all working toward the development and production of independent film. Our production studio has been involved in all stages production from inception and pre-production to the conclusion of post-production. Further, we have been involved in filming tutorials, music videos and commercials that have aired on Time-Warner and Cablevision networks in the New York area, as well as lectures, theatrical productions and concerts. Although we have our own projects, we also offer our services at competitive rates, now filming in HD on DSLR (as of 2011) and are looking to make your dreams a reality today.

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Message from the Executive Director

In late 2012, we completed editing on ‘Fight the Panda Syndicate,’ which employed the artistic talents of over 450 individuals from eight different states, including legendary, World Wrestling Superstar King Kong Bundy and Swedish Composer Glen Gabriel. This film was made on a very limited budget through the love and labor of its core production crew, and it was an invaluable learning experience for all who were involved, many of whom have gone on to write, choreograph, score, direct and act in other projects.

FTPS has been featured in The Bergen Record, on My9 in a segment called Reel Talk, on a popular Web site for independent movies called Film Courage and on a prominent podcasting Web site (

Throughout the process of making FTPS, the core production team learned all of the complex aspects of financing, producing, marketing, editing and fully completing a feature length film. These invaluable experiences have helped us to hone our talents and to focus on shooting for success more and more with each new day of production. Film is more to us than just a casual interest to us; it is a lifelong passion with endless possibilities.

Any such rewarding venture demands a follow-up that is more ambitious in every way, while more carefully minding the budget needed to make every dollar and every moment invested, both on set and behind-the-scenes, count infinitely more than ever before.

As such, armed with a wealth of experience in storytelling through film, organization and HD DSLR technology, we have wrapped filming on a number of important scenes for our second feature film entitled “Revenge of the Panda Syndicate,” a stand-alone sequel that takes its characters to a much darker, more mature and dramatic place than the first installment. Further, we have taken our game to new heights by filming an ambitious finale on location at the site of the historic Scranton Lace Factory in Scranton, PA, as well as a daring rescue down on the waterfront in Elizabeth, NJ and some stock footage for a green screen action sequence in Hawaii’s Wai’pio Valley.

We thank all those who have been a part of our experiences thus far and we look forward to future collaborations as we continue to plan film projects ranging from shorts to feature films. So, please continue to check back for updates as we move into the future.”

Jason J. Dale,
Executive Director
Crazy Elk Production Studios


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